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Defining Your ‘Why’

Defining Your 'Why'

One of the toughest parts of coming up with a marketing strategy is defining your ‘why’. Your ‘why’ is a combination of what makes you different and who you are marketing to. It is the reason that you are doing what you do. Your ‘why’ will be the thing to help you identify the market […]

8 Summer Strategies to Refresh Your Marketing

Laptop on the beach

Ah, summer. A time for beaches, sun, vacations, frisbee and baseball. For the business owner, however, it’s time for summer school. The summer is the best time to refresh your marketing strategy with the information you’ve gained from the past six months. What’s worked? What hasn’t? What are you dropping? What are you increasing? You’ve […]

Responsive Responsibility: Developer or Carrier?

Responsive Design

​One of the biggest things these days is having a website that is mobile friendly, especially after Google’s recent search algorithm update that changed the game for websites that are not optimized for mobile. In fact, way back in 2013, 46% of searchers used mobile exclusively to research a product or company. Today, mobile traffic […]