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Let’s Get Excited!

Let's Get Excited!

Bri went on two dates. One with Mark and the other with Jack. The dates were only two days apart but couldn’t have been more different. With Mark, Bri went to a coffee shop. They sat there for a couple of hours, compared their favorite drinks, and talked about their families. It was a nice […]

Let Your Post Work for You

Let Your Post Work for You

When Brian decided to open his school for young writers, he had two choices. He could spend lots of time and money on renting billboards and ads on busses, or he could make his work speak for itself. His business started out slow, with only a couple of students and not enough hours to justify […]

Could You Trust a Stranger?

Could You Trust a Stranger?

Greg is 28 years old. He has a successful career, a nice apartment, and a comfortable salary. The only thing missing – especially if you ask his mother – is a wife. At this point, most of Greg’s friends are married. Some even have babies. So, it’s with some cautious optimism that Greg decides to […]

The Race is On – Approaching Your Audience

The Race is On - Approaching Your Audience

Danielle and Max are both running for student body president. With college quickly approaching, and applications nearly due, both students want something to set them apart from the crowd. They form campaigns, build strategies and the race is on. For Danielle anyways. Max doesn’t feel the need to race. He is confident he’s going to […]

Expert Advice or Advice from the Expert?

Expert Advice or Advice from the Expert?

Picture this: It’s 2020 and there is a global pandemic called the coronavirus. People all over the world are on high alert. Every touch, sneeze and cough is analyzed and everyone wants to keep it from spreading. You wear masks, avoid large groups and even start working from home. Your kids haven’t been to school […]

Hello, my name is: Target Audience


“Who is your target audience?” The question stumps Al. “Girls?” he asks. The marketer shakes her head. “Young girls?” She shakes her head again. “You need to know your target audience like you would a friend.” Al laughs, the marketer doesn’t. “Personify your brand. Imagine they were sitting before you. How would they be dressed? […]

Consistency is Key

Consistency is Key

Bart sells watches. He’s been in the industry for years and has earned himself a reputation. Everyone loves Bart’s quality, luxury watches. Not only are they stylish and made with some of the most beautiful stones on the market, but they are functional as well. And now that Bart’s proved his watches are successful, he’s […]

Defining Your ‘Why’

Defining Your 'Why'

One of the toughest parts of coming up with a marketing strategy is defining your ‘why’. Your ‘why’ is a combination of what makes you different and who you are marketing to. It is the reason that you are doing what you do. Your ‘why’ will be the thing to help you identify the market […]

Who, What, Where, When and Why You Need Marketing

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Marketing is essential today. It is one of the most influential tools that any small business could have. It is not enough to run an ad in a paper or rely on word of mouth anymore. Today, audiences are more educated, more prestigious and more demanding. People want to see results, proof and success. طول […]

LinkedIn: What is My Value Here?

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LinkedIn: What is My Value Here? Every morning, and then once or twice more each day I open up the LinkedIn App on my phone. I scroll through my timeline, read posts, articles and comments from my connections and try to think of how I can contribute here. There are people on this platform that […]

5 Social Media Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid

5 Social Media Mistakes Your Business Must Avoid

With presidential tweets, Instagram photoshopping and accusations of #FakeNews, 2017 can thus far be summed up as the Year of Social Media. These days, a well-managed Twitter or Facebook profile can help a business thrive or sink like a stone if untended. Which got us thinking – besides #Covfefe and #CashMeOusside, what other social media mistakes are […]

8 Summer Strategies to Refresh Your Marketing

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Ah, summer. A time for beaches, sun, vacations, frisbee and baseball. For the business owner, however, it’s time for summer school. The summer is the best time to refresh your marketing strategy with the information you’ve gained from the past six months. What’s worked? What hasn’t? What are you dropping? What are you increasing? You’ve […]