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Expert Advice or Advice from the Expert?

Expert Advice or Advice from the Expert?

Picture this: It’s 2020 and there is a global pandemic called the coronavirus. People all over the world are on high alert. Every touch, sneeze and cough is analyzed and everyone wants to keep it from spreading. You wear masks, avoid large groups and even start working from home. Your kids haven’t been to school in months and the only way to see your elderly parents is over Skype. You’ve done everything right.

But, still, you wake up one morning and something is off. You’re not sure you can taste. You aren’t coughing, you don’t have a fever and there aren’t any dry heaves. But you can’t taste. Your doctor – Dr. Morgan – gets on a telehealth call and asks you to describe your symptoms.

“Well,” he says after you’ve told him onions taste the same as apples. “I’ll be honest, I’m not really sure. You see, viruses aren’t my area of expertise. Medical school was so long ago, and there’s so little information on COVID, this could really be anything. Hell, this could be a common cold. I guess we can test you and see what happens.”

Doesn’t instill much confidence, does it?

But what if Dr. Morgan had said this: “with COVID the loss of taste is sudden, and drastic! Try tasting some lemon or cinnamon – something potent – can you taste it? Of course, nothing can replace a swab test so let’s schedule one of those as well.”

The confidence that Dr. Morgan exudes in the second scenario paints a much different picture. It makes you – the patient – more trusting of him and it presents him as an expert. So, how does this relate to marketing?


Be the Expert

With so many options out there and the internet bringing everything to us at the click of a button, you need to prove to your audience that you’re worth their time. By making yourself the expert in your field you can instill trust and confidence in your customers and incentivize them to choose you. Write blogs tackling popular issues, relate to your audience through their own interests and develop creative strategies and solutions for your audience’s pain points.



  • Write Blogs – This isn’t giving away free information; it’s investing in your brand image.
  • Testimonials – Your past work can speak volumes to your future clients!
  • Have a Niche – Stop trying to do it all and start doing one thing amazingly!
  • Team Up – Have expert team members to join forces with! Remember, you can’t know it all.


Let’s Sum Up

Creating loyal customers requires hard work and dedication. Your brand needs to become trustworthy, relatable, familiar and innovative. For that to happen, your brand also needs to become the authority. Myraj Media knows how to identify your target audience and build a strategy that appeals just to them. Don’t turn your marketing into a guessing game, come to the experts.

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