May 13

If A Site Had A Redesign and Nobody Noticed…


Does it make a sound?

One thing I can tell for sure is that many of the readers of this blog, and my Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages choose ESPN over Sports Illustrated for their online sports news. That isn’t very surprising for a number of reasons:

1. ESPN is, according to its slogan, “The Worldwide Leader In Sports”. They break the news, have quality current content and are always the go-to place. bqout So why should we go anywhere else for our sports news other than the “Leader”?

2. Sports Illustrated is a print publication first, while ESPN is a news and broadcasting platform first. ESPN has its own print publication in “ESPN: The Magazine”, but it doesn’t compare in the quality, the writing and the klout in the industry. لعبة روليت

3. Sports Illustrated is a storyteller, of news you know already. ESPN is current, live and happening now. I read Sports Illustrated for the feel-good stories, and the collectors item covers, of things I read earlier in the week on ESPN. لعبة الشيش

So it is really not a shock that all of the feedback that I received for my article describing the ESPN Website Redesign on April 1st, 2015, made NO MENTION AT ALL of the fact that they were second to the redesign well. Sports Illustrated,, redesigned their own website 10 MONTHS EARLIER, and nobody noticed!!

Of the two, I like ESPN better, but they are both following the Pinterest tile design, and can get overwhelming if you aren’t used to it. So, get used to it, because that is where web design is going, making sites mobile friendly and giving you the most content as quickly as possible.

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Let’s Get Excited!

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