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My Favorite Commercials of Super Bowl 2023

My Favorite Commercials of Super Bowl 2023

Monday Morning Quarterback here, and I’m writing my annual post about the Super Bowl commercials. Some years the game outdoes the commercials and some years the commercials outdoes the game. This year, the game was amazing, back and forth heavyweight bout. And the commercials were just eh, chuckle-worthy at best. I thought a few were clever, a few made me smile and a few left me confused, leaving the religious ones out.

Here’s my take:


1. Tubi Rabbit hole – at first it was terrifying
2. Workday Rock star – same as bringing sports metaphors into the workplace
3. Miles Teller Bud Light – we’ve all been on hold with that music forever


1. Uber One
2. E-trade Baby Wedding – love that they reprised this one
3. Ram Trucks Premature Electrification – everybody loves a good innuendo
4. T-Moblie New Neighbor – I miss Scrubs


1. Bradley Cooper T-Moblie – mom was great – “but you never won any!”
2. Ben Affleck- J-Lo Dunkin
3. Kia Binky Dad


1. Blue Moon – why spend your time and money promoting 2 other beers, unless you’re really just letting them fight it out.
2. Mets Tickets – I’m not sure if this was just a regional ad, but I still dont know why the Mets felt the need to pay for a Super Bowl ad, unless it was really just Uncle Stevie sticking it to the rest of the league saying I have this kind of money in my back pocket.

Honorable Mention:

1. Disney 100 – I do love Disney, and the dact that I was watching the game with my 12yo daughter, we both enjoyed the heartwarming nature of that one
2. Popcorners Breaking Bad – short and hits that nostalgia sweet spot

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