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The Do's and Don'ts of Posting on Instagram

The Do’s and Don’ts of Posting on Instagram

When it comes to digital marketing, Instagram is one of the strongest tools you have. It is a free way to reach your audience and build organic growth for your brand. However, posting on Instagram isn’t as simple as just sharing the occasional photo. Believe it or not there is right and wrong way to use social media.

Do: Post Consistently

When it comes to Instagram, consistency is key. You can’t rely on any one post going viral – no matter how good it may be. Having a consistent posting schedule will keep your page active and drive more people to it. Try to build a calendar and stick to it. If you see your posts do best when posted at 11 am, then make sure every time you post it is around that time. Social media is an art, but it is also a science, so your page will do best when you put it in the right environment.

Don’t: Over Post

There is such thing as posting too much. If you’re constantly flooding your follower’s feeds with pointless posts then you are at risk for losing followers. You want to post enough to stay relevant, but not too much that you become annoying. At most, you can post twice a day. That said, a great way for staying present without over posting is pushing out stories. Share most of your content as stories and save the important pieces for permanent posts.

Do: Highlight

While on the topic of stories, having permanent story highlights on your page is vital! Use these highlights as a way for your customer to understand your brand better. Remember that marketing is a conversation and does best when your customer feels loyal to you. Use highlights as a way to share personality posts and important events. And while your permanent posts should follow a main theme, your highlights are a chance for you to get a bit more creative – while staying on message of course!

Don’t: Generalize

There is no such thing as talking to everybody, a good marketing strategy has a specific target audience. Remember, that when talking to everyone you are really talking to no one. Before you start posting on social media make sure you have taken the time to learn about who you are talking to. You will need to use different language when talking to teenagers then you will need when speaking with adults. Your content should match the audience it is attempting to reach.

Let’s Sum Up

Too many people make the mistake of not taking social media seriously enough. Instagram is a powerful tool and when used correctly can truly impact your brand. A strong marketing strategy can be the difference between a successful business and total flop. Myraj Media is offering free 15-minute strategy consultations to help your brand find what works best for them. Schedule a meeting now at – you literally have nothing to lose.

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