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3 Summer Marketing Strategies You Need Right Now

3 Summer Marketing Strategies You Need Right Now

The dog days of Jewish summer marketing are here.

Jewish advertising shrinks, Kosher businesses leave town and set up shop in the Catskills, and Israeli tech companies retool in preparation for the fourth quarter holiday season. So what’s a Jewish marketing agency to do during the months of July and August? Lots. Here are three summer marketing strategies we help Jewish marketers focus on this season.

Refresh. Rethink. Re-energize.

Kosherica played it smart. Really smart. 

With Passover behind them and some of their best summer cruises fully booked, Kosherica had the opportunity to refresh their marketing without missing out on a critical sales period.

Glad to say, we helped.

Having Kosherica as an advertising client for years, we saw a missed opportunity within their email program and invited them to “refresh” their design and “rethink” how they advertise their programs via email to existing and prospective customers.

Hello, an entirely new email template. We created a top to bottom overhaul, complete with trackable click-points, mobile-first design and focused on discovery.

When we rolled out their fresh, new email template, customized from top to bottom, we not only impressed management, we impressed the customers: email open rate jumped by 300% and email click-through rate jumped by a whopping 800%. More clicks = more traffic = more sales opportunities.

Refresh and rethink your marketing strategy this summer.  Email, social, print, design, you name it; if you feel a certain marketing area can be improved, take the summer to make the change.

Kosherica did and it’s working out well. “Refresh and rethink” is as simple as looking at your brand, your ads, your social media, your P&L and saying, “Can we market ourselves better?” The answer, nearly every time, is yes; we help you with the “how”.

Ponder these questions: is my website generating the leads I expect? Rethink it. Are my ads truly bringing me sales and, if so, how much? Rethink it. Am I being social enough on social media? Refresh it. Do an audit of your 2019 goals; are they performing at the level you wanted? Refresh and rethink.

The weather is beautiful and the days are long. Refresh, rethink and re-energize your marketing to outperform the second half of 2019.

Start Testing Everything.

Strategic digital Jewish marketing takes advantage of multiple high-performing channels, some you’re familiar with – such as paid search, SEO,  and some you may not be – SMS, chatbots, programmatic advertising, to name a few.

Testing and implementing the latest marketing technologies (or martech) to your advantage will help you your business stay ahead of competition, helps you weather a downturn and keep your business nimble in case of shifting customer habits.

You never want to be the company who misses out on opportunities. That’s FOMO, pure and simple. But at the same time, if the high holiday season and fourth quarter of 2019 are kind of a big deal for your brand, you don’t want to risk testing new technologies during your most critical season.

Which is why summer is the optimal time to start testing new technologies, marketing tools and fresh strategies. Starting today, take a good look at the apps, devices and technologies you use to shop and compare them to what you use for your business.

See a wide gap? We see an opportunity. An opportunity to reduce costs on under-perfoming marketing and reinvesting into outperforming tools.

School may be out but your homework doesn’t end. You don’t want to be the brand missing out on reaching, connecting and closing customers in a crowded, tech-savvy marketplace.

Turn your digital marketing up to 11, test new marketing tools this summer and you’ll be even more prepared to win the holiday season. You’ll win new customers, re-engage old ones, and finally kiss #FOMO goodbye.

Create a “Holiday”.

Well, July 4th passed and there’s now eight weeks or so before Labor Day; guess with no big sale opportunities, you should just pack it in for the summer, right?

If you’re Jeff Bezos and worth $159 billion, sure, you can afford to take the summer off and head to the Catskills. But if you’re like most companies, the dog days of July and August will have your business checking account spread pretty thin.

Take a lesson from Amazon and invent a holiday. Amazon calls it Prime Day. And it’s officially an “unofficial holiday.”

Amazon understood that those dog days of summer that keeps you up at night is a perfect opportunity to create something from nothing. Fast forward to 2019 and now thousands of retailers are competing, copying or creating Prime Days of their own.

What “holiday” can you create? Here’s a few worth trying.

If you’re a restaurant, try a “Flavors of the World” week with one-week-only chef-inspired menu items from around the world. If you’re a supermarket, how about a “Pre-High Holiday Holiday”, where you give gifts or deals on high-holiday favorites, rewarding customers for shopping early. Or any retailer can create a “Friends & Family Sale“ where everyone with a loyalty card gets 30% OFF, no exclusions.

A summer slowdown doesn’t mean an innovation slowdown. Create your own holiday. You’ll stand out at a quiet time, keep customers engaged with your brand and you may even start a trend.l in creating complementary customer experiences online and offline.

TO SUM IT UP: Summer is synonymous with beaches, vacation, and road trips. But if you prefer not letting your business revenue take some time-off, use the summer to refresh, rethink and re-energize your Jewish marketing to outperform the second half of 2019. Lets get it done together.

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