May 30

Employee Advocacy is Critical to Company Branding


One of the biggest challenges that a company faces with their brand awareness efforts is getting everyone on board. Getting everyone to buy-in to the company culture so they can advocate for the company and make the workplace inviting and engaging to current and new employees alike.

Many employees enjoy working for your company. They love coming to work every day. The love the atmosphere, the environment, the mission, what the company stands for and the purpose it gives them by coming to work every day. It’s been said, “When you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life.” Those are easy sells.

But some people don’t. They treat it as a job. They don’t necessarily believe in the company mission statement and just work for the paycheck. How do you get those people on board with your company mission?

That’s where Employee Advocacy comes in. Get them to become ambassadors for your company brand online. Have them post on their own social media platforms about how great the company culture is and what the mission & vision are. Make sure all of your employees have an updated LinkedIn profile, with their current position listed with your company.

But how can your employees advocate for you and be your brand ambassadors offline too? These days, employee advocacy is all about the swag & merch. Have team building activities, company outings, incentive trips, happy hours or dinners, and give out company apparel. Company t-shirts, sweatshirts, coffee mugs, car magnets and even laptop stickers.

We get some of our custom printed Vinyl stickers​ ​from our friends at Sticker Mule. We buy these for ourselves, but also for our clients to distribute as well. They love to display them on their laptops when working in public workspaces like coffee shops, shared office spaces, libraries and more, and love the brand awareness and recognition these stickers & swag provide.

Here’s my laptop, lots of space for more stickers:

Employee Advocacy Brand Ambassadors | Myraj Media Digital Marketing

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