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9 Key Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

As in fashion, trends in digital marketing come and go; some quietly return to the big door, and some fall completely into oblivion. 

However, how to stay on trend in 2023? Are we going to satisfy our users with just pretty photos on Instagram, or will we need to take it a step further? 

Do we still rely exclusively on the big names in the influencer world, or will we start targeting other demographics as well? And will we finally start using the full potential of Siri and Alexa, or will artificial intelligence ruin our lives? Let’s find out.

(Short) Video Form

The amount of engagement generated by static posts (photos, infographics, and visuals) on your social networks has probably decreased over time. And given that the video form has ascended to the throne, it is not at all strange.

Video is a great format for showcasing various facets of your brand. The brand can be given personality with the aid of this form by selecting the language in which you will speak to your audience, the way of communication, as well as the style of your videos. 

Video’s superpower is its ability to help you win over your audience’s trust. You can demonstrate all the advantages of your products through video, and the person speaking to the camera can serve as an ambassador and a satisfied customer who your audience can rely on.

But today, it is crucial to discuss video as a simplified form. Even though longer videos continue to have high social media engagement, not everyone can write a fantastic copy that anyone can identify with. 

Additionally, TikTok has had a significant impact on the change in format, which is why users are trying harder and harder to get all the information that matters to them in a very short amount of time.

Making connections with your users is perhaps the most crucial component of modern video production (regardless of the production level we’re discussing). No, ads that are blatantly obvious ads are insufficient today. 

Sincerity and the capacity to connect with the emotion being conveyed in the video rather than just the product are what can be considered its “secret sauce.”

Is your target audience the only group that experiences the joy that humor can bring? Are there straightforward solutions your brand offers that people weren’t even aware existed? Or is it just a simple and direct, sincere tale that will persuade people that it is your product or service that improves people’s daily lives? Turn on your camera and consider what genuine value you can provide for others.

Fortunately, there are a ton of resources available right now that can assist any company with video marketing, so we advise that you:

  • Take all of your video footage in 1080p/9:16 format;
  • Decide on a day or several days each month when you will focus solely on producing video content, and then base your monthly content creation calendar on created content;
  • Easily edit and deliver content using platforms and apps like CapCut and Canva with almost no previous experience;
  • Use Instagram Reels and Facebook Watch to promote your content on other social networks if you haven’t already.


“TikTok Made Me Buy It”

While we’re still on the subject of video, one of the marketing trends that will definitely stay with us in 2023 is the use of TikTok for marketing purposes. 

Regardless of whether you believe in the seriousness of this social network, statistics show that 67% of respondents bought a certain product just because they saw it on TikTok, and as many as 16 billion views have videos tagged #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt. So, we are talking numbers.

User Generated Content

The biggest boom in marketing trends—user-generated content—must not be overlooked while we are discussing TikTok. 

As the name implies, this content is produced by the people who use your products—whether they are compensated for it or simply because it has benefited them and they want to spread their satisfaction to others. However, authenticity is the most vital contribution they make.

The best way to establish trust between a brand and its audience is through authenticity, but if you don’t know how to communicate with your target market effectively, it can be difficult to achieve. The generation gap can be a brand’s worst enemy, which is why reaching out to the users directly works well when trying to establish a covert connection.

Of course, there are other ways to market this kind of content besides just on TikTok, such as:

  • YouTube videos
  • Images
  • Social Media Posts (from Tweets, to Reels)
  • Live streams
  • Blog posts, etc.

Social eCommerce

TikTok is a haven for all eCommerce businesses because it successfully draws in new clients and convinces current ones that they made the right decision. Once again, we’ll talk about honesty and identification. Remember that successful eCommerce campaigns are not blatant advertisements.

If you lack confidence in your ability to promote your content on this social network, start by looking into what others are doing. 

Since its inception, TikTok has come a long way, serving not only as a platform for entertainment but also as a search engine, which can be very useful in determining the best strategy for your target audience.

Pay close attention to other users’ synopses, taking note of their length, the topics they cover, and, most importantly, their tone. 

Write captions, make hashtags, and spend time creating subtitles for your videos because these things will help people find your content—even those who aren’t specifically looking for you but are searching for a keyword that appears repeatedly in your videos.

Nano and Micro-Influencers

While big influencers like celebrities and other famous content creators are still popular, focusing on smaller influencers who work in a particular niche is quickly growing in popularity. 

This kind of influencer typically has a loyal and passionate following that they have developed a high level of trust. Cooperating with them is an extraordinary success because it pushes the envelope of what is possible and reaches a more niche market.

However, it’s crucial to consider whether the values of your brand and the influencers you choose align when making this kind of selection. 

Always make an effort to clearly define the goals of your cooperation as well as the results you want to achieve because the reputation of your brand can suffer greatly if there is a misunderstanding in this area.

Work Outsourcing

Outsourcing becomes more feasible as a result of the quickly expanding digital marketing trends and the need for larger marketing teams. 

Whether we’re talking about smaller or larger businesses, it frequently happens that the marketing team needs assistance. As a result, an increasing number of agencies are exploring the possibilities of agency collaboration and outsourcing some of the work.

Because there are no physical boundaries with outsourcing, you can collaborate with agencies specialized in digital marketing in Minneapolis even though your corporate headquarters are in New York. 

Because collaboration between various creatives is so simple to achieve in the modern world, this kind of work can also lead to creative booms in teams. 

Furthermore, knowledge sharing is a crucial part of this kind of collaboration, so for every dollar spent, your marketing teams gain priceless insight and expertise.

Talking to Chatbots

Customers today are used to being able to purchase anything they desire whenever they want, regardless of the hour or day of the week. For those who work in eCommerce, this can be challenging, but chatbots make it simple to fulfill customer requests.

Using chatbots is a fantastic way to enhance customer service. not only because they are always available, but also because they can be advertised through a variety of channels. Customers can get in touch with your company via the website as well as social media platforms like WhatsApp and Messenger.

If your company has a social media presence, try to include a FAQ section, a knowledge base, or automatic responses to some of the most frequent requests in your profile. Users can experience good customer service, which is very beneficial in the age of instant gratification.

Companies are able to maintain constant contact with their customers in this way, which enhances the perception of their brand. Because of this, chatbots will only get better through 2023, which makes including them in your marketing mix a great idea.

Your Employees are Your Best Advertisers

Today, word-of-mouth marketing is still regarded as one of the most effective strategies. And nobody can promote you more effectively than your employees.

Employer branding is one of the more recent marketing strategies that tech companies are using more and more, and it is applicable to other industries as well. The wellbeing of your employees is influenced by a number of factors, including benefits, perks, opportunities, and advancement within the company. 

If you empower all of these, there is a good chance that your workers will still speak highly of you even if you don’t require it.

This is an excellent strategy for B2B marketing on LinkedIn because there is a large audience there that is very interested in what you do, whether they are users looking for new business opportunities or other professionals in your field. 

When your company is praised from the perspective of a worker, other people will be envious of them and wish that was how their daily lives were. After all, very few people desire to spend their professional lives in a depressing setting with zero advancement.

By planning various events, you can also incorporate employee branding into your marketing strategy. There will undoubtedly be several photos or videos of happy people at team-building exercises, relaxing dinners, or celebrations of significant accomplishments. And don’t forget that happiness is contagious.

Searching With Our Voices

Voice searching is one of the marketing trends that experts predict will succeed greatly. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that gadgets like Alexa or Siri are used in homes all over the world. Yet, the possibilities they bring to the table are still overlooked.

Optimizing your websites so that users can find them by using voice search is what you can do to make the most of these devices. This is how you do it:

  • Find the question and long-tail keywords that people use to search for things related to your area of expertise and add them to your communication channels.
  • Use everyday language in your writing.
  • Investigate Google Featured Snippets to find the answers to some of the most common queries.

Stack yourself with this information, and implement it through your digital presence so people can see you all the way up on the search result page. 

Podcasts Are On and You Should Tune In 

Sometimes we forget that radio is the source of all the advertisements we see today. Even though you may no longer turn on the radio in your car, while working, or while cooking, we are confident that you have at least once listened to a podcast. And what else does almost every podcast have? Advertisements.

Utilizing podcasts is the ideal marketing trend because it allows you to target various audiences, especially niche ones. And as we’ve previously discussed, when people listen to content they enjoy, they always value and select products that their favorite authors suggest. 

Additionally, you hit the jackpot if you can successfully integrate your brand into one of the podcasts whose primary topics are associated with your line of work.

You can prepare authors with previously written synopsis, but once you’ve built up trust between you both, let them freestyle their own stories. 

As a result, your brand will receive the kind of genuine authenticity that we frequently mention because they are the most adept at connecting with their target market. Trust us, there are a ton of possibilities. 

Offer promotional materials like promo codes and pay attention to where the biggest return on investment occurs.

Artificial Creativity, Artificial Worlds, Artificial People

This article would be incomplete without a mention of artificial intelligence. Everyone discusses it, but there is a reason for it. 

Although there is a lot of concern that artificial intelligence will replace people, we must keep in mind that its main purpose is to make life easier for people. Additionally, it can greatly simplify your marketing efforts.

Finding Inspiration

By late 2022, ChatGPT had become the dominant topic of interest among content creators. Most likely, you’ve already given it a try, but if you haven’t (which is highly unlikely, given that the ChatGPT server occasionally crashes from the sheer number of requests it receives), now is the time to do so.

We’ve all experienced those frustrating creative blocks before, and we all know how challenging it can be to break free. However, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, you should turn to AI for assistance. With each new input and successful response, the algorithm is filled with new, useful information, and the number of available platforms with which you can “talk” and get certain information is growing.

Want a copy? Done in a few seconds. Having trouble conceptualizing a visual or articulating your desired aesthetic to a designer? Also done in seconds. Just keep in mind that AI is not the end-all be-all. 

Though the data centers store a wealth of information, it’s important to remember that the final products are made by emotionless machines that can’t form genuine connections with humans. Hence, it is imperative to conduct a thorough check and incorporate humanity wherever it is absent.


The metaverse, a digital realm that augments our actual world, is yet another marketing trend to look out for. It’s true that only major brands have dared to tap into this communication channel’s potential so far, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. 

Participate in the hype and observe the situation closely if you lack the confidence to commit to this form of advertising.

We’re not just referring to Mark Zuckerberg’s Metaverse; the broader concept of “metaverse” encompasses all forms of digital entertainment, especially video games. 

The commercial potential of some of the most well-known ones, like Roblox and Fortnite, has already been demonstrated. 

Successful campaigns by Nike, Forever21, and Gucci have sold products in the Roblox metaverse for as little as $1 and as much as $4,115, respectively.

AI Support Systems

Finally, we must not forget the most important aspect of artificial intelligence, which is that it is there to help us. 

From marketing automation, through the use of big data and understanding analytics on a deeper level, all the way to creating perfect email campaigns; AI is becoming one of the most powerful tools that successful companies use.

And the marketing trend we are truly happy about is machine translation. The majority of online articles are written in English, limiting their potential readership. 

Users who are not fluent in English often rely on online translation tools, which can lead to inaccuracies and even a tarnished reputation for your brand. This has led to an increase in the production of content in more than one language, helped along by the widespread availability of machine translation (MT).

However, if you rely too heavily on MT, you may end up with the same results as with machine translation software. 

Because it combines cutting-edge technology and the expertise of native translators to generate multilingual content that effectively conveys the marketing message and evades marketing gaffes, machine translation post-editing (MTPE) has gained widespread favor among digital marketers.


Be Encouraged To Try New Stuff with Digital Marketing

Truly, the future of digital marketing is very exciting as new trends appear every year as technology steps one more step forward even when we think it’s over. 

Should you try out every single trend that comes our way? You don’t have to. But if you stand still and not leverage any of them, the possibilities for growth are almost equal to zero. So, step outside of your comfort zone and try some of the 9 digital marketing ideas we mentioned today!



Guest Post by Nicole Kelly

Nicole Kelly is a Raleigh, North Carolina, US graphic designer, digital marketing consultant, and writer enthusiast. She loves writing about new business strategies, digital marketing, and social media trends for different blogs and DigitalStrategyOne.

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