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Consistency is Key

Consistency is Key

Bart sells watches. He’s been in the industry for years and has earned himself a reputation. Everyone loves Bart’s quality, luxury watches. Not only are they stylish and made with some of the most beautiful stones on the market, but they are functional as well. And now that Bart’s proved his watches are successful, he’s ready to grow. He wants to move out of the small shop he owns in Manhattan and become a franchise. Bart wants his store to become a brand.

After doing some research and meeting with some professionals, Bart decides not to go with a marketing team. مواقع الرهان على المباريات There is so much available online and social media is so easy to access these days, he doesn’t see why he should waste his money on an expert. So, instead, Bart decides to go it alone.

But despite the new storefronts, the cool new designs and the proven success of his past, Bart hasn’t been able to get his brand off the ground. Why? Because his audience is confused! They feel like they’re receiving mixed messages from the watch maker. العاب فواكه On the one hand, his watches are hundreds – if not thousands – of dollars, but on the other hand, the man selling them looks like he just walked off a skate park. The watches are stored in quality velvet boxes, but then dumped into cheap plastic bags. The store front is luxurious and beautiful, but the images online look like they were taken by an old iPhone.

The reason Bart’s audience is confused is because Bart lacks message consistency. bet365 عربي Message consistency doesn’t only apply to promotion, it applies to every step of your branding. From the uniforms your store workers are wearing, to the bags your customers go home with. If your product is luxury than don’t only sell your product, sell luxury. Good marketing surrounds the consumer, every step of the way.

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