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How to Build a Brand

How to: Build a Brand

Brit has an idea. After countless hours of internet research and more phone calls than any one person should have to endure, Brit has found a way to make at home eyebrow waxing easier. Her idea is strong, her business plan is thought out and as a girl herself, Brit knows there is real need for this is the beauty industry. But that isn’t enough. If Brit wants to be successful, she needs to have more than a product, she needs to have a brand.

Brit needs a logo, a style, a look and an audience. She needs to have a consistent message and a marketing strategy. But before she can do any of that, Brit needs to build a brand. What differentiates a product from a brand? And how can Brit’s product evolve into a brand?



A product is an item. It is a cellphone, a soda or even a doll. But a brand is what provides that product with an identity. With a brand, a cellphone becomes an iPhone. It goes from being a generic product, to a sought-after piece of technology. It goes from being a means of communication to a show of status.

Brit needs to understand her audience in order to understand her brands identity. Who is the person that is buying her eyebrow kit? Are they young? What do they like? How do they feel? What are their values? In essence, Brit needs to create her ideal customer (on paper) in order to understand her brands identity.



A brand is nothing without an audience. The best product in the world won’t get anywhere if no one knows about it. A vital part of having a brand is creating brand awareness. For this, Brit needs to know her audience. Selling makeup on LinkedIn won’t get her very far but finding her audience on Instagram will push her product in the right direction. Be aware of your brand and of your audience in order to make your audience aware of you.



Finally, Brit needs to find her place in the market. She needs to recognize her competition (and often take tips from them) and she needs to separate herself from her competition. Brit isn’t going up against high end brands like MAC or Urban Decay, but she very well may be pulling the same customers as Maybelline. Knowing where you fall in the market will help you better find your audience!


These three steps are only the tip of the iceberg for successful branding, but done right, they serve as the foundation for any good strategy. Know yourself, know your audience and know your product!



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