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How I Used to Utilize LinkedIn & How I Utilize it Now

How I Used to Utilize LinkedIn & How I Utilize it Now

Then & Now: How I Used to Utilize LinkedIn & How I Utilize it Now

I consider myself one of the early adopters of LinkedIn.

I’ve been on the network for close to 15 years. I started using it when I was in college. I used it to write my first real resume. I built my LinkedIn profile and my resume at the same time.

Much of the traffic on LinkedIn at the time was for Job searching.

I used it a lot at my job to help set up company pages, recruiting for my company and building our company followings. I helped grow the company page followers from nothing to over 3,500 in a few short months, posting jobs & recruiting potential applicants, many of which were recent college graduates, so we were definitely reaching our target market.

I even used it quite often to look for other jobs for myself, submit resumes and apply for many jobs, even though not too many led to real applications and real interviews. Could have been my own fault, but I had a hard time finding quality job leads. I thought I was pretty qualified for the jobs I was applying to, but they only resulted in a handful of interviews over the many years & applications submitted.

LinkedIn for Business

So what do I use LinkedIn for now? How do I utilize my own large connection base and continue to grow my network?

I guess that’s what I’m here for. I am always looking for ways to grow my business, Myraj Media. As a digital marketing company, leads can come from anywhere. Leads both in the form of clients as well as consultants to work with to help expand the services that we can offer in the digital landscape.

My goals for LinkedIn are really two-fold. Finding good talent & finding good business.

I’ll spend the next little while focusing on the business connections and hopefully it can bring awareness to my company as a whole.


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