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LinkedIn: What is My Value Here?

LinkedIn: What is My Value Here?

Every morning, and then once or twice more each day I open up the LinkedIn App on my phone. I scroll through my timeline, read posts, articles and comments from my connections and try to think of how I can contribute here.

There are people on this platform that I’ve known for a while, people I’ve gone to school with, worked with, connected, networked and associated with, and even people I’ve never met, but hope to meet and work with in the future.

I’ve tried my best to make valuable and meaningful connections with people who have similar interests as I do it can share a mutually beneficial business relationship with.

People share their own insights into their businesses, their areas of expertise, their successes and even sometimes their failures so others can benefit and learn from their experiences.

One of the biggest things I’ve struggled with when it comes to LinkedIn is understanding how to properly utilize this platform.

How can I contribute in a similar way to many of my connections? How can I show my worth and my value here?? What do I have to offer my connections that they haven’t seen before or haven’t heard anywhere else?

I’m going to try to explore this issue and see where it takes me here on LinkedIn.

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