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Staying Social During Quarantine

Staying Social During Quarantine

Coronavirus has had unspeakable effects. More than just the health scares that come along with the pandemic, the unemployment rate has gone through the roof. Companies all over the globe are looking for creative ways to keep their businesses alive. In a time like this, maintaining a strong social media presence is as important as ever – if not even more important then usual.


One of the biggest advantages that social media has over print advertising is the engagement that it allows. Whether it be through the comments, replies or DM’s, customers are able to ask as many questions as they want any time that they want. There’s no need for call centers or surveys, the customer’s feelings and opinions come straight to your inbox. And with so many people having more free time lately, engaging with their favorite brands just might be the way they choose to pass the day.

Niche Marketing

Through the use of hashtags, Facebook groups or strategically planned collaborations, social media allows you to better find and target your audience. Print advertising can only go so far at targeting specific groups and leaves the rest up to chance. If you aren’t location or political based, finding a paper that specifically targets your market will likely be extremely difficult.

Cost Effective Social Media

Many forms of advertising can be extremely costly. They require countless teams of talented professionals all working together and then still demand a 6 month commitment. Social media, however, comes at a much cheaper rate. For one, the advertising space is completely free. Different from print and TV advertising, both the platform as well as most of the content comes completely free. During the COVID pandemic, when everything is up in the air, social media is a great way to maintain your marketing, without breaking the bank.

Know Your Audience

The great part about social media is that it is used by more than just the business world. By using your customer’s social media pages you are essentially getting the inside scoop to who they are and what they attract. We already explained the importance of niche marketing, but how do you think you find that niche market? COVID-19 is a trying time for everybody, but you can use this time to better understand your audience and then better market towards them.

Be On Their Mind

The big companies aren’t going anywhere and neither should you. Your competition already has a strong social media presence and they plan to keep it that way. Don’t give your market a reason to go to your competitor, instead be the one on their minds. Make sure your message is strong and consistent and make sure it is surrounding them. Social media is a great way to keep your business looking alive without investing millions.

Let’s Sum Up

If nothing else, lockdown has forced people to get creative. Our work force is changing so quickly that very few are managing to keep up. It’s easy to get lost under the pressure of this pandemic, but don’t let coronavirus take anything else away from you. Recognize the importance of maintaining a strong social media presence so that you can be prepared when the market begins to climb.

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