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To Market or to Advertise: That is the Question

To Market or to Advertise: That is the Question

With social media taking over the digital world, marketers and advertisers continue to find themselves facing new challenges and opportunities. If once, print advertising was somewhat straightforward, then today, the endless options and strategies have left many wondering whether taking that traditional route is best for them. Digital marketing has become a dynamic business. Many are aiming to use their expertise to fill the gap that advertising leaves. So, how does a small business decide which process is in their best interest?

Message Control –

Advertising: Advertising provides you with complete control over your message. You work with a team of professionals to create and implement a strategy. The advantage to this is obvious, however, keep in mind that it can leave your audience feeling powerless.

Marketing: Marketing is a 2 way street. The focus here should be on interaction and engagement. لعبة الكرات While you run a risk by not having complete control over your message, you allow your audience the opportunity to express their needs. This gives you the chance to adjust your message and approach to better appeal to your target audience.

Product –

Advertising: In advertising, your product is your focus. While the actual ad will use creative strategies and approaches, at the end of the day, selling the product is the main goal. In many ways, advertising focuses more on the short term goal as opposed to the long term accomplishment.

Marketing: Marketing uses a much broader approach. While sales is the ultimate goal, the road there is much more complicated. بطولات البايرن With marketing, the consumer is in the focus. The goal is not only to sell a product, but to create a loyal customer.


Advertising: While many advertisements are found to be extremely creative and effective, that still doesn’t necessarily make them worth it. And that is because of the cost involved with advertising. All forms of advertising require a number of teams working together, each of which have their own specialty and price. Whether it be a production team, actors, a writing team, graphics or more. كم عمر زلاتان ابراهيموفيتش

Marketing: Marketing tends to be much more cost effective. For one, there is no charge for ‘air time’ or ad space and most content tends to be free, or at the very least, affordable.


Advertising: Advertising is extremely consistent. Most advertisers suggest running the ad for at least a 6 month period and ensuring that the message is consistent on all platforms. When it comes to advertising campaigns, many agencies will keep the advertisement the same and just adjust it for the different platform in order to ensure message consistency.

Marketing: While message consistency is undeniably important, being able to evolve your message over time can be a huge advantage. Because marketing is so spread out and focuses on long term goals, having the ability to adjust your message to better fit your target audience can prove to be a huge advantage. Additionally, marketing will ensure that your message is consistent throughout your entire brand (logo, website, social media) and not only focus on the current campaign.

Let’s Sum Up

In many ways, marketing and advertising work together. However, it is still important to recognize the differences and nuances in order to be able to make the best decision for your business. For those looking to gain loyal, long term customers, as opposed to simply selling a singular product, marketing may be the right path for you.

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