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Who, What, Where, When and Why You Need Marketing

Marketing is essential today. It is one of the most influential tools that any small business could have. It is not enough to run an ad in a paper or rely on word of mouth anymore. Today, audiences are more educated, more prestigious and more demanding. People want to see results, proof and success. طول اللاعب كريستيانو رونالدو Finding the right ways to communicate with your audience allows you to get one step closer to earning their trust and creating a loyal customer.


Most ideas today aren’t innovative. With so many people in the world and the internet allowing for a global market, you likely aren’t the first person to think of anything. So, how are you supposed to market your brand? Your what, is your branding. It is the thing that makes you different. Think of how Waze differentiated themselves from other GPS systems, or how Kleenex became more than just tissues. Knowing what makes your brand different, is knowing what you are selling.


Before you can start marketing your brand, you need to know who it is you’re marketing to. Many brands make the mistake of assuming that they’re marketing to everyone – you are never marketing to everyone. If you are marketing to everyone, then you are marketing to no one. Everything is about niche audiences today. There are so many options out there in the world that you need to know what makes your brand different. لعبة البلبل Find that specialty area, find the audience it speak to and you’ve just identified your target audience.


If you’ve found your who and your what, then you have also found your why. Find what makes your brand unique, find the type of person who your brand would service, identify the market gap that would make them interested in your product, and you have found your why. Your marketing need to be pushing your why. Don’t tell your audience they need your product, explain to your audience why they want your product.


Different audiences use different platforms. Once you have found your target audience you need to find the best way to reach them. Are they teenagers sending snaps on Snapchat? لعبة الدومينو الامريكية Mother’s sharing woes on Facebook? Grandparents writing back and forth through e-mail? Your audience will dictate where you market.


Smart marketing is consistent marketing. Finding a schedule and sticking to it will help you stay on top of your message and will keep your audience engaged. That said, too much of anything is never a good thing. It is important to find a healthy balance between content overload and practically non-existent. Find a schedule, keep a schedule.

Let’s Sum Up

Don’t think that we forgot about the how. How to market is possibly the most important aspect of all. Once you have identified your audience and taken note of what it is you’re selling, you will require proper strategy and execution. Myraj Media provides up close care to all its clients, ensuring that every need is met, every angle seen and every question answered.

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